The current program can be found here, see the column EuroUSEC 2016. All talks will take place in the room Germanium 3.03. The proceedings can be found here.

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Keynote: Insider threats and the grey zone of organisational defences: designing an effective security organisation
Denis Fischbacher-Smith

Stealing PINs via Mobile Sensors: Actual Risk versus User Perception
Maryam Mehrnezhad, Ehsan Toreini, Siamak Shahandashti and Feng Hao

Exploring Psychological Need Fulfillment for Security and Privacy Actions on Smartphones
Lydia Kraus, Ina Wechsung and Sebastian Möller

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The usability canary in the security coal mine: A cognitive framework for evaluation and design of usable authentication solutions
Brian D. Glass, Graeme Jenkinson, Yuqi Liu, M. Angela Sasse, Frank Stajano and Max Spencer

On User Choice for Android Unlock Patterns
Marte Loge, Markus Dürmuth and Lillian Rostad

Why Do People Adopt, or Reject, Smartphone Password Managers?
Nora Alkaldi and Karen Renaud


Keynote: Cyber Security and what is really happening out there
Stuart Macdonald

“It Is a Topic That Confuses Me” – Privacy Perceptions in Usage of Location-Based Applications
Maija Poikela and Felix Kaiser

Users Protect Their Privacy If They Can: Determinants of Webcam Covering Behavior
Dominique Machuletz, Henrik Sendt, Stefan Laube and Rainer Böhme

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When Signal hits the Fan: On the Usability and Security of State-of-the-Art Secure Mobile Messaging
Svenja Schröder, Markus Huber, David Wind and Christoph Rottermanner

On the impact of warning interfaces for enabling the detection of Potentially Unwanted Applications
Vlasta Stavova, Vashek Matyas and Mike Just

Influencing Self-Selected Passwords Through Suggestions and the Decoy Effect
Tobias Seitz, Emanuel von Zezschwitz, Stefanie Meitner and Heinrich Hussmann


Social event
Subsequent to the Workshop, at 7:00 h (p.m.), the EuroUSEC Community is invited to get together at the Bistro Moller, located at the Welcome Hotel Darmstadt, see how to get there. This social event gives the opportunity to follow-up on the EuroUSEC in a pleasant atmosphere, as an an enjoyable completion to the workshop. The Bistro offers drinks and meals à la carte.
Address: Bistro Moller,Welcome Hotel Darmstadt, Karolinenplatz 4, 64289 Darmstadt

Keynote speakers

Denis Fischbacher-Smith, University of Glasgow

Title: Insider threats and the grey zone of organisational defences: designing an effective security organisation

Abstract: The challenges associated with the management of hostile actors within organisations have taken on a more urgent perspective in the wake of a spate of mass casualty events in both the USA and the EU. Whilst the availability of weapons is invariably the focus of policy makers, the challenges for the organisation lie in terms of the nature and vulnerability of organisational controls, the processes around recruitment, and the abilities to identify and act upon early warnings. This paper sets out a theoretical framework for considering the nature of those vulnerabilities and does so from the perspective of both internal and external threats. The relationships between such threat actors are often symbiotic as external actors will seek to expose internal vulnerabilities by coercing "trusted" employees to allow defences to be bypassed.

Stuart Macdonald, SERIC SYSTEMS

Title: Cyber Security and what is really happening out there

Abstract: I will talk about my experiences as a security professional. This will include stories about attacks I have helped people to recover from, how I have helped companies to be more resilient to cyber attack and the kinds of security practices that have made me despair. This is very much a "war story" talk from someone at the sharp end of things.